Break's reputation as the king of the rollers precedes him. His ability to make such infectious dance floor destroyers has earned him a place in pretty much every self respecting DJ's record box. As one of the most prolific producers in the scene, Break has consistently raised the benchmark in terms of production standards with every release he puts his name to.

Hooking up with DNAudio in 2001 after meeting Squire through mutual friends he has played an integral role in the label’s story, working closely with Silent Witness in developing a fresh & innovative sound.

Regularly touching down on the creme of drum & bass labels and steadily building his own imprint Symmetry Recordings alongside his roles at DNAudio and Quarantine, Break also manages to keep up a hectic touring schedule taking in a large portion of the world on a yearly basis.


First emerging as Brainiac on breakbeat label Stratosphere Recordings in 2001, Dan Braine’s powerful sound soon caught the attentions of The Plump DJs who included 'Neuro', his acid-tinged debut on their Urban Underground (INCredible) mix and Sony who licensed the track for the soundtrack to Wipeout Fusion (Playstation 2). The second Brainiac single, 'Bass Jump' / 'Bionic' (2002) was greeted with similar acclaim and it became clear a serious talent was emerging.

Infamous producer and No U-Turn Records boss, Nico picked up on Brainiac and unearthed a budding drum & bass producer. Under his new moniker, Silent Witness delivered three singles for No U-Turn in quick succession; Contact in 2002 was quickly followed by two collaborations, Higher Rates and Invasion (2003) marking the start of a healthy partnership with fellow producer Break. Further releases on Metalheadz, Commercial Suicide, Quarantine, Violence, DSCi4, Critical and DNAudio; the label he established with Squire in 2003; alongside collaborations with Break, Klute, Fierce, Hive, Gridlok, D-Bridge, Survival and Ercola and remixes for the likes of Bloc Party have established Silent Witness as a musical tour de force.


Surfacing under the guises of Akustic Research and Banaczech on Vinyl Addiction and Partisan Recordings in 1995, Steve Kielty parted company with co-conspirator Roy McCabe and after a long break from drum & bass re-emerged as a solo artist in 2005.

With a plethora of well received releases on labels including Creative Source, Exit Records, DNAudio, Quarantine and Shogun Audio, Survival’s deep, organic sound has rapidly earned him a reputation as one of the true craftsmen of modern drum & bass.

Collaborations with Break, Silent Witness, D-Bridge, Fierce, Sabre and Zero Tolerance clearly illustrate the respect he commands from his peers and with his newly launched Audio Tactics label providing a focused outlet for his productions his fan base is expanding as rapidly as his discography.


DJ, label owner and manager of DNAudio and Resolute Music, Squire’s involvement in drum & bass began when he started a degree in music business & production. Having met Silent Witness in 2000, Squire introduced him to friend and producer Break and soon the basis of a label began to take shape. By the time they’d graduated, both artists were signed to Nico’s infamous No U-Turn Records with Squire appointed as label manager. Having learned their trade under Nico’s guidance by the summer of 2003 DNAudio was established.

Since then DNAudio has grown to become one of the scene's few buy-on-sight labels, releasing music by Break, Silent Witness, Survival, Fierce, Klute and Bloc Party to widespread acclaim. Squire's latest venture, Resolute Music was established in 2008 to showcase material from the new-wave of international artists currently infiltrating the drum & bass scene. Alongside controlling operations at DNAudio and Resolute Squire’s DJ schedule remains consistent with tours of the USA and Australia and regular sets across the UK and Europe showcasing the DNAudio sound.


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